StageLightSound started with Live Sound and it's still our passion and principal focus. All of our engineers started by mixing local bands in smaller intimate venues, clubs and bars. Some of them are musicians and band members too with many years touring and recording experience before switching to production.


We have both comprehensive and extensive experience working with the widest range of musical styles - from jazz to drum & bass, classical to metal, funk to folk, and all stages in, around and in between. From festivals to corporate events we also have the equipment and crews to deliver the best quality sound for your audience and programme. Our principal and largest audio systems use the very latest array processing technology - consequently we can precisely control sound output to suit venue and location and comply with local authority noise control requirements. 

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We have been using digital mixing systems for nearly fifteen years now and were at the forefront of utilising iPad and wireless technology in a live sound environment. Over the years have used and tested most of the principal mid-range consoles on the market - specifically to assess their suitability for festival and multi-band set-ups. In these circumstances we have been looking for flexibility, stability and ease-of-use but, above all, audio quality and functionality.


We recently switched to Digico for all our frontline operations (replacing our former Midas Pro2's) - the Digico desks are by far the best desks for our specific requirements and once you used you can see and hear why they feature on almost all professional riders. We also use some Allen-Heath desks based on production requirements. 

Digico: SD12 (72ch, 36Aux/Grp) + 48/24 stagebox, iPad control,  SD8 (120ch, 48 Aux/Grp) + 48/24 stagebox, iPad control, SD9 (96ch) + 2 x 32/16 stageboxes, iPad control, S21 (48ch) + 32/16 stagebox  - these systems available as FOH/Monitor split as required

Allen & Heath: SQ6 (48ch + 32/16 stagebox), iPad control, QU32 (32ch) + 32/16 stagebox, iPad control, QU24 (24ch) + 24/12 stagebox, iPad control, QU16 (16ch) + 16/8 stagebox, iPad control

- these systems available as FOH/Monitor split as required


Mackie: DL1608 (16ch), iPad control

Digico SD8 at GDSF 2017
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High definition and high-quality audio requires high quality systems. We have invested in speaker systems built by market leaders d&b audiotechnik for our principal sound sources. These systems are powered by highpower amplifier/systems controllers (4 x 4000W) with remote control, advanced speaker management and array processing. 


We can supply both point source and array systems, flown or groundstacked for pretty much any musical programme style to audiences from 500 to 25,000 and beyond.

d&b audiotechnik: V series line array elements (ground stacked or flown): V8V12VSUB, V seriespoint source (ground stacked or truss mounted): V7PV10P. J–INFRAB22  Subwwoofers. D80 Amplifiers/system controllers


d&b audiotechnik D80
Danley 20K40 Amps
Danley Audio Labs
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Accurate and audible on-stage monitoring is essential for live music. For bands without IEMs, we tend to use our mid-range rider-friendly d&b M4 wedges (run active from D20 amplifiers) with V-series point sources and subs for side-fills if required.


We also maintain a few or the original RCF-manufactured Mackie SRM450 for use as active monitors on smaller stages. These have been reliable workhorses for many many years now.

This year we'll also be adding a new set of monitors from the Danley Sound Labs range running off their 8-way high output amps. 


On larger stages we can supply between 8 and 16 individual foldback mixes. 

d&b audiotechnik: M4 2-way stage monitors, 

D20 amplifiers/system controllers


Danley Sound Labs: SM80M coaxial bi-amped stage monitors, DNA810K 8-way amplifiers


For artists preferring to use IEM we can provide up to 16 individual stereo mixes per stage.

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Mackie 450s with "rain covers"
d&b audiotechnik M4


As we work with such a wide range of musical styles we have built up quite an extensive microphone kit:


Shure: SM57, SM58, SM94, Beta 27, Beta 52, Beta 57, Beta 58, Beta 87A, Beta 91, Beta 91A, Beta 98AMP/C, KSM8

Wireless/Radio: Shure Axient w. KSM9, Beta 87A, Beta 58 and SM58 capsules


AKG: D12VR, C214, C414, C451B, D5, D40, C4000, Perception 420


Audix: OM1, OM6, OM7, OM11, D6, i5, D2, D4, SX1C, SX1HC, SCX25MP


Sennheiser: e604, e609, e901, e904, e905, e906

Wireless/Radio: E335/835


Heil: PR20, PR22, PR28, PR30, PR31BW, PR48


Beyerdynamic: D70, D58, D53


Røde: NT2, NTK


DPA: 4099


Yamaha: SubKick

EV: RE320


DI Boxes:

Radial: J48, J48 stereo. BSS. dbx


Other mics available on request.

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We carry a small amount of backline which we can supply to event stages or for pre-production and rehearsals. Typically for most mid to small festival stages we would supply a drum kit (less breakables), bass rig and two guitar combos but other combinations are possible.


Please contact us for more details.

We can also supply industry standard DJ Equipment:

Pioneer DJM2000NXS

Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2

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Whilst we don't operate a recording studio as such, we can record performances either on stage or in our live rooms. We do have some post-production facilities and additional studio mixing desks.


Our engineers have recorded music from across the entire spectrum both in the studio and in the live environment - from string quartets in churches through blues performers in pubs to big bands on big stages.


All our main live desks are capable of live recording: Our Digico desks can stream up to 56 channels of live feed direct to (and from) a DAW or computer (we use Macintosh exclusively). Our Allen & Heath QU series record WAV files to portable USB HDs - channel count depending on the desk.


Beyond producing live material, we also record "virtual soundchecks" for touring bands allowing for much quicker set-ups and system tuning.


For a recent example of live recording The Mustangs "One Night In The West" was engineered and recorded by our engineers at a local Blues Festival.

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All our equipment is both road-ready and rider-friendly. From a simple series of local gigs to a full-blown national tour we have the equipment, experience and logistics to deliver quality sound and light in pretty much any venue.


In practical terms we can cover venues with audience sizes up to 5,000 with sufficient load-in and set-up times. We can supply full crews as required including FOH, monitors, LD as well as experienced stagehands.

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