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Mob: 07753 484249

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Our name pretty much sums up what we do, but it's probably best to say, right at the outset, that we're more than just another A/V hire company. We may have a great big warehouse full of quality equipment but this is just our toolkit - what we really offer is skills, expertise, experience, ability, knowledge and maybe, above all, passion. We love what we do, whether we're providing a small stage at a local event or delivering inclusive stage, light and sound productions at national events and festivals. We also understand that there is more to an event or show or stage production than just the performance. Our commitment to you can start many months before the actual event - right at the initial planning stage. We're there for liaison with local authorities, providing noise plots and control plans, investigating logistics… Ultimately your success reflects on us!

Historically, StageLightSound grew out of the Purbeck Music Partnership (PuMP) which was put together to provide quality live sound for local bands and events. Over the years this developed from being a local sound company to an organisation offering lighting, staging, stage covers and all types of event production, management and support on a regional and now national level. 

The company is based on the South Coast. - whilst our principal area of operations remains the South and South-West, our ultimate focus is much broader than this and our services are available throughout mainland UK.

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